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I am Giorgio. I am from Italy but I am currently based in Lugano, Switzerland where I worked for different company in different fields. At the same time I was working  I also continued to feed my interest in human computer interaction which rose during my master studies at the university of Lugano where I graduated in 2014. The master gave me the opportunity to growth a passion and a desire to improve my knowledge of how design can affect people’s behavior and also how technology can persuade people to act better and change behavior. I enjoy to sensitize people on sustainability and health issues. This passion brought me to attend a master in advanced studies in Interaction design at SUPSI in Lugano which I am gonna concluded in July 2019.

  • Date of birth
    June 18th 1986
  • Languages
    Italian, English, German
  • Hobbies
    Swimming, Tennis, Ski, Music, Cooking, Travel, Reading
  • Interest
    Design Thinking
, UX, 
Digital Strategy
, IxD

As Don Norman said in his book ” The design of everyday things”, all artificial things are designed. Not necessarily they always involve physical structures. There are well done designed stuff and badly designed staff that are unusable and leading people to great frustration and irritation. It’s fundamental to create products which fulfill human needs while being understandable and usable but also delightful and enjoyable. To succeed in this, it’s important to have a wide understanding of the design principles necessary for effective human-machine interaction and increase the knowledge of human behavior. This is what I will knuckle down to learn more and more in my current and future working and personal life.

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Web Design

Responsive Web Development
Wordpress CMS

Design & User Experience

Information architecture
Wireframing & Sketches & Storytelling
Mobile user interface design

User research

User interview
Usability testing
Contextual inquiry
Heuristic and expert analysis evaluation
A/B Testing

Product, Service and Experience design

Interaction design
Experience design
Business model canvas
Human centered design
Contextual research


Financial Advisor - Swiss Life Select , Bioggio (CH)

09.2017 -06.2018

Private financial strategy – Insurance – Savings – Dwelling and mortgage – Retirement Prospect – Investements – Finance Coaching

Sales Consultant - PaloAlto SA , Lugano (CH)

09.2016 - 08.2017

  • Sales opportunities analysis and development for printing solutions, big visual pad and document management and digital archiving system(DMS)
  • Strategic consulting of DMS Services (Document Management System)
  • Management and analysis of digitalization projects in collaboration with the technical team and DMS specialists
  • Evaluation and analysis of company process with the aim to find where’s possible to automate and optimizing the working flow
Freelance Web Consultant - Lugano (CH)

01.2016 – 09.2016

Business Analyst - Appway SA - Chiasso (CH)

04.2015 - 12.2015

Projects collaboration: HSBC/Appway – Investec/Appway

  • New client acquisition processes analysis (Know your customer, Suitability, Risk Assessment)
  • Process development for client on boarding (Global Private Banking)
  • Documents management for opening bank account transactions
  • Business rules implementation and enhancement for clients’ data collection
  • Front-end layout development and dynamic document implementation
  • Bug fixing and testing
Project and research assistant - Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano (CH)

05.2014 - 04.2015

I worked for the Institute for Public Communication (ICP) within the BeCHANGE research group

    • Persuasive technology expert and researcher
    • Collaboration management and support for social marketing projects
    • Analysis and strategies application for health behavior change
    • Web Site Design (WordPress, HTML, JS and CSS)
    • Projects portfolio: –
Teaching assistant - Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano (CH)

05.2014 - 04.2015

I worked as teaching assistant to the “Social media communication for sustainable behavior” course, offered by the Faculty of Communication at Universita’ della Svizzera italiana.
My duties as teaching assistant were to develop presentation/classes (bachelor level). This experience gave me the possibility to learn a lot about the teaching process, and also to deepen my knowledge of the communication strategies applied on social media and social networks, with the aim to influence people’s attitudes and behaviors regarding health and environmental issues. Some of the presentations that I developed were focused, for instance, on healthy food consumption or deforestation.

Scientific collaborator - Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano (CH)

07.2013 - 02.2014

I worked for the Computational Science Institute (ICS) as scientific collaborator. The project I worked on was in collaboration with the hospital of Cologne and it was coordinated by Prof. Krause. My task was to recreate a virtual 3D visualization of the vertebras surgically modified. I used two softwares for this purpose: AMIRA, and Cubit for the creation of 3D visualizations derived from the X-ray images of post and pre operation patients provided by the hospital. The goal was making simulations to understand the effects of the surgical operations performed, to ultimately solve a problem named spinal stenosis, helping physicians’ job, people’s understanding and hospital costs.


Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction design

2018-2019 - Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI), Lugano (CH)

Master of Science in Management & Informatics

2011-2014 - Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), Lugano (CH)

Erasmus program

2012-2013 - Ludwig Maximilians Universität – Faculty of Business Administration, Munich (DE)

Bachelor of Science in Informatics Engineering

2005-2010 - Polytechnic of Milan – Faculty of Informatics Engineering, Milano (IT)


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